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Ric DeHoff

I am an experienced software developer specializing in Microsoft technologies. I have a tenacious drive for quality, the ability to absorb technology like a sponge, and a pretty broad working understanding of science, mathematics and electronics, software project management and the ability to get inside the heads of users—a combination you won’t find very often.

Recent Projects

Other Stuff

About ten years ago I decided I enjoyed developing products more than managing the development of products. You might find the snippets below interesting, but I don’t do this type of work so much anymore.

I have been fortunate to be part of two successful startup companies. One of these companies was Imagenation, designer and manufacturer of image capture and machine vision hardware and software. During my tenure as VP of Engineering, we (this is a big WE-the rest of the management team was phenomenal) transformed Imagenation from a small provider of frame grabbers to an up-and-coming supplier of machine vision tools for the semiconductor industry – to the point where Imagenation was acquired by CyberOptics (NasdaqGM: CYBE), a major supplier of machine vision tools to the electronics industry. Today Imagenation goes by the name CyberOptics Semiconductor and they still make really cool measurement tools. Nice folks and a happy ending…

My other successful startup was CAChe Scientific. I was the VP of Engineering from the company’s inception through its purchase by Oxford Molecular in 1995. Backed by Tektronix, Cache Scientific built the easiest to use, highest quality software tool set (not just my opinion) for molecular design that has ever been brought to market. The engineering team delivered two major software updates per year, every year-on time and on budget. The products included Mac and Windows desktop client application suites and Unix/Aix servers running molecular mechanics, semi-empirical and quantum mechanical computations. The products were consistently judged “best of class” for quality and ease of use by the readers of popular trade publications. Our customers included all of the world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies and most prestigious universities. More really good folks…

I was part of the Imaging Research Laboratories at Tektronix during the early 1980’s where I designed graphics display systems (yes, circuit design) for emerging display technologies. I started as a grunt Scientist II in 1981 and left in 1985, as a Principal Engineer, to start CAChe Scientific.

Miscellaneous Details

  • Ph.D. in Physics, Kent State University, 1980
  • Two patents and another one pending:
    • 3D cursor for graphics displays
    • Shaped lighting technique for imaging semiconductor wafers with a machine vision system

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